Our Practice Areas

Allen & Gooch provides skilled representation in the practice areas most in demand by today’s Louisiana businesses, from workers’ compensation and employment law to casualty and insurance litigation. In each of these areas, we have assembled a group of professionals with a proven record of balancing complicated business issues with a sophisticated understanding of relevant law.  Whether it is a construction dispute, a claim for wrongful termination, or a shareholders’ agreement, our clients benefit from our attorneys’ wide-ranging experience and their in-depth knowledge of their chosen field.

At the same time, we recognize that the complex business challenges our clients face often require legal strategies that transcend individual practice areas. In these cases, we assemble teams with just the right blend of expertise to craft legal strategies that reflect a thorough, comprehensive analysis of our clients’ circumstances and objectives. This flexibility makes Allen & Gooch the ideal partner for businesses in a variety of circumstances, from start-ups to the most sophisticated lenders and oilfield companies.