10 Things To Know About Workers’ Compensation

PURPOSE: This publication is intended to help our clients and colleagues understand how to proactively manage Workers’ Compensation issues and claims. It also reveals the strategic benefits that businesses realize with the highest standard of representation provided by Allen & Gooch. With courage and foresight, Allen & Gooch believes this workbook can be an introduction to effectively understanding the principles of Workers’ Compensation – as the rules, case law and legislation continue to evolve.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This publication is intended for business leadership and managers, human resource professionals, others who need a broad understanding of Workers’ Compensation law, and those involved in Workers’ Compensation issues and claims.

DISCLAIMER: This publication is intended to provide guidance on Workers’ Compensation law and its application in the workplace. It does not and is not designed to address all Workers’ Compensation issues which a business or its legal and other advisors may face. It is the user’s responsibility to assure that Workers’ Compensation law is understood and rules and regulations that govern its application are followed. Users should consult with legal counsel for additional and more detailed explanations.