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Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation

At Allen & Gooch, we believe that prompt, knowledgeable, and vigorous representation is the best defense against workers’ compensation claims. Our attorneys work closely with businesses, helping them manage their risks proactively, but when claims are filed, they can count on us to respond immediately.

We Know the Law

It is not simply their decades of experience that enable Allen & Gooch workers’ compensation attorneys to provide the highest standards of representation for their clients. It is their daily engagement with workers’ compensation law as it evolves. Not only do they closely track rule changes and emerging case law, but they also provide input on pending legislation.

This intimate knowledge of the law helps them authoritatively assess the validity of a 1008, draft a hard-hitting response, and employ the precise tactic at every juncture in the case—whether filing exceptions, pursuing written discovery, subpoenaing records, or recommending surveillance—to produce the most satisfactory result for their clients.

We Know Louisiana Business

But for Allen & Gooch attorneys, knowledge of workers’ compensation law is just the beginning. They bring to their cases detailed knowledge of workplace practices in major Louisiana industries. Equally important, they are thoroughly familiar with the kinds of injuries that occur in each one, their diagnosis as well as their treatment, enabling them to collaborate more effectively with specialists and other expert witnesses.

Workers’ Compensation Resources

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Our practice in Workers’ Compensation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fraud & Misrepresentation Claims
  • Course & Scope of Employment Issues
  • Disputes over Medical & Disability Indemnity Benefits
  • Compensability Claims
  • Second Injury Fund
  • Defense to Penalty & Attorney Fee Claims
  • Affirmative Defenses including Intoxication
  • Jurisdictional Disputes
  • Mediation & Settlement Negotiations