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Patrick F. Robinson Quoted on Louisiana’s High Claim Cost for Workers’ Comp Cases

Robinson_Patrick_12.6.17New Orleans Partner Patrick F. Robinson provided insight on the high cost per claim for Louisiana workers’ compensation in an article published on July 11, 2018 by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report.

Although the state is consistently in the ranking for fewest workplace injuries, studies show Louisiana employers pay higher workers’ compensation rates than other state. “We have the lowest incident frequency rates, and we can attribute that to employers who emphasize safety because workers’ comp costs can be so high,” said Mr. Robinson. “Our problem is we’re paying a lot in medical costs, but not getting a return on that by getting people back to work quickly and economically. We’ve created a complicated system. We have employees who have to hire attorneys because the system is so complex. Then the other side has to hire an attorney.”

Thoughts on the cause of Louisiana’s higher rates vary, and differing benefits make states difficult to compare, but the WCRI reports higher than average cost in nearly every metric. No matter the reason, higher costs for employers could impact Louisiana business.

The full article, “Fewer injuries but Louisiana’s workers’ comp costs remain high,” was published on July 11, 2018.

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