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Eleven Allen & Gooch Partners Selected for Acadiana Profile’s Top Lawyers

Eleven Allen & Gooch Partners Selected for Acadiana Profile’s Top Lawyers

Allen & Gooch is pleased to announce the selection of the following Lafayette-based attorneys for the 2020 list of Acadiana Profile’s Top Lawyers:

Troy A. Broussard, Labor & Employment Law

Laura P. Johnson, Labor & Employment Law

Patrick A. Johnson, Workers Compensation Law

Emile Joseph, Commercial Litigation and Construction Law

Alan J. Meche, Admiralty & Maritime Law

Michael E. Parker, Workers Compensation Law

William “Billy” H. Parker, Medical Malpractice Law

S. Brian Perry, Admiralty & Maritime Law and Energy Law

Randall K. Theunissen, Admiralty & Maritime Law

Eric J. Waltner, Workers Compensation Law

Lester J. Zaunbrecher, Tax Law

Each year, Acadiana Profile publishes its Top Lawyers list. The voting to determine the 2020 top attorneys for Acadiana Profile magazine was open to all licensed attorneys in the Acadiana, Louisiana market area. Each attorney was asked which attorney, other than himself or herself, they would recommend in the Acadiana area. Each attorney was allowed to recommend up to three colleagues in each given legal specialty. Once the online nominations were complete, each nominee was carefully evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license and their current standing with the State Bar Association of Louisiana. Attorneys who received the highest number of votes in each category are reflected in the list by legal specialty.

Allen & Gooch is providing this legal update for informational purposes only. This article should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion as to any specific facts or circumstances. You should consult your own attorney concerning your particular situation and any specific legal questions you may have.